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Classes held at Altens Community Centre and Ruthrieston Community Centre (RCC)

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August 28: ACC ONLY – 2 sessions (10-12am and 1-3pm)

Save the Planet AND Save a Fortune – Make Do and Mend


We cannot go on buying cheap clothes and discarding them

Every year over a million tons of clothing ends up on landfill in this country alone. Growing cotton uses eye watering amounts of water while many people in the world cannot find enough clean water to drink.  Whilst there is a movement amongst manufacturers to make clothes production more sustainable, we need to do our bit too.

Even if you have never so much as threaded a needle before, you CAN learn to fix your clothes and make them last longer. Make Do and Mend is so on trend so book this FREE class NOW.

September : 10am – 4pm RCC 11/9/21  ACC – 25/9/21

Sewing for the Terrified Make friends with your sewing machine.

Whether you’re a total beginner or it’s been a long time since you did any machine stitching, this is the class for you!

You will learn how to:

You will make a fully lined drawstring bag to store your sewing kit, a pincushion and a needlecase – great to get you started!

Individual help will be given at all stages as required and I can guarantee you will have fun as you learn. You will be amazed by what you can achieve in just one day and hopefully you will want to go on and try more classes.

October: 10am – 4pm RCC 9/10/21  ACC – 30/10/21

Bag Making for beginners

This is suitable for anyone who can sew a straight seam!

You will learn how to:

You should manage to complete your bag and take it home to show off to friends and family!  WARNING: Bag making is addictive. You’ll want to make more and different types of bags and learn more advanced techniques. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

November: 10am – 4pm RCC 13/11/21  ACC – 27/11/21

Customising your Wardrobe and Easy Alterations

Personalise your style!  It’s easy to alter the look of garments with simple but impactful effects. Adding buttons, ribbons, lace, embroidery, hand made belts or bows can make a huge difference if used judiciously.  Or even simply dyeing an item that you still love but the colour has faded after washing.  There are many ways to jazz up an outfit or simply make it more YOU.

Trousers always too long but it costs a fortune to keep having them taken up by a professional?  Need to lengthen or shorten a skirt? Hate short sleeved t-shirts because you don’t like your upper arms on show but don’t want to wear long sleeves in summer?  You can learn how to shorten long sleeves or lengthen short ones. Favourite dress now too big – take it in. 

Learn the skills to adapt and adjust.  You won’t regret it!

January: 10am – 4pm RCC 8/1/22  ACC – 29/1/22

Introduction to Patchwork and Quilting

In this class you will learn how to:

You can start off by making a couple of blocks that can be used to make a bag or cushion cover. Or make a few more blocks to create a lap quilt, or a cot sized quilt or really go to town and make a bed sized quilt – single, double or king sized. The process is the same regardless of size.

If you go on to make a quilt, you can learn how to apply borders, layer up your quilt and create your own bias binding which will be used to bind the quilt and some methods for quilting in the March class.

February: 10am – 4pm RCC 12/2/22  ACC – 28/2/22

Make a Luxury Vintage Style Bag – 3 styles to choose from

This is a good follow on from the Bag Making for Beginners class but confident beginners are also welcome.

These bags are all small – from times when no-one needed to cart everything but the kitchen sink around with them.  They are basically for evening use but I can enlarge my templates if you want a more practical bag for everyday use.  Just let me know!

All the techniques from the Beginners class will be used. In addition you may want to learn how to

This is your bag and you can change the design to suit you and make it as glamorous as you like.

March: 10am – 4pm RCC 12/3/22  ACC – 28/3/22

Making up a Quilt and Binding it – (Follow on class from Introduction to Patchwork and Quilting)

In this class you will learn

April: 10am – 4pm RCC 9/4/22  ACC – 30/4/22

Introduction to Making Children’s Clothes – Make a simple sundress and/or a pair of shorts

I will supply patterns for both in various sizes.

This class is suitable for beginners.

For the Dress, you will learn how to

For the Shorts, you will learn how to

May:  10am – 4pm RCC 14/5/22  ACC – 28/5/22

Make a Fun Waistcoat for a child or an adult

Waistcoats can smarten up an outfit or make it fun!

A waistcoat made in tweed, tartan or a smart fabric can dress up an outfit for a special occasion such as a wedding or a party. Use fun fabrics and it will make an everyday outfit a pleasure to wear.

I can supply a ready traced pattern if I know the size required. Smallest fits 12 months, largest approx. age 10-12.  Fabric requirements will depend on size.  Please get in touch for more information. (I can also supply a template if you would like to make an adult’s waistcoat – small, medium or large.)

In addition to the main fabric you will need lining material and interfacing.  I can supply interfacing on the day.  The main fabric can be used for both the fronts and the back, or, if you don’t have enough, the back can be made from another fabric. You will also need buttons, matching thread, sharp scissors, pins.

This is a class for everyone, so come and enjoy.  If you can use a sewing machine to sew with a straight stitch you will have no problems – guaranteed!

June:  10am – 4pm RCC 11/6/22  ACC – 25/6/22

Introduction to Appliqué

This is a wonderful technique for adding glamour or interest to garments, soft furnishings, bags etc.

There are 2 main methods.  The first, traditional method, is turned edge appliqué which is hand stitched down. The more modern alternative is fused, raw edge appliqué which is machined.  We will be using the second method but I can demonstrate the first method if that is of interest.

You will need to decide what you want to appliqué and where it is to go.  A good source for designs is children’s colouring in books as the drawings are usually simple and well defined.  Or you can ‘fussy cut’ out interesting parts of printed or woven fabrics.  I can supply some templates if you get stuck!  I can advise further nearer the time once you have a clear idea of what you want to do.